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046 Using LinkedIn to reach your perfect people with Karen Yankovich

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

In this episode I talk with Karen Yankovich, host of the 'Good Girls Get Rich' podcast and an expert in relationship marketing focusing on the use of LinkedIn. Through our conversation, we primarily discuss the use of LinkedIn by school fundraisers who are seeking to develop personal relationships with potential major donors. However, all of Karen's tips are equally helpful for others across a range of school activities.

Firstly, we discuss how you can create a magnetic profile to build credibility and trust. Karen identifies the importance of the role of the personal profile in elevating the school's profile and outlines her top tips for avoiding common mistakes.

Secondly, we talk about techniques for searching LinkedIn for alumni and how LinkedIn Sales Navigator can give you more search functionality allowing you to access more information about profiles on the platform. We look at how, once you have found the individuals, you can make that connection with them and how engagement on LinkedIn can be built into a routine.

We look at how the use of LinkedIn can be beneficial in the build up to alumni events, how connecting with attendees in advance can build a relationship and create a bond between you and alumni before the event takes place. Finally, Karen suggests ways of identifying the point where you move from a conversation on LinkedIn to a phone or video call.

Episode highlights

  • Introducing Karen Yankovich (04:24)

  • Creating a magnetic profile (08:08)

  • Searching for alumni (19:03)

  • Creating relationships through LinkedIn (21:17)

  • Making a routine for using LinkedIn (24:54)

  • Using LinkedIn for events (27:48)

  • Taking the conversation off LinkedIn (34:17)

References and resources

Download your copy of the free eBook ‘The Strategic Independent School Leader’ at

Connect with Karen Yankovich and Juliet Corbett on LinkedIn

Listen to Karen Yankovich's 'Good Girls Get Rich' podcast

Catch up on previous episodes at


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