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164: Fundraising Campaigns: Breaking the Rules

This is the second in my two-part series about Fundraising Campaigns, and in this episode it’s all about breaking the rules!

Having discussed the five essential phases of a campaign last week, this time I’m taking you a step further to explore how these phases can be adjusted. Warning! Some caution is needed in breaking these rules, so listen in to hear more.

Key Lessons from the episode:

1) The best practice structure for fundraising campaigns includes distinct phases: planning, feasibility, quiet, public and stewardship.

2) If you're going to innovate with this structure then you need to understand the strategic role played by each phase.

3) For example: The planning phase helps you clarify your fundraising priorities; the feasibly phase ensures that you listen to the views of prospective donors; and the quiet phase encourages you to focus first on those capable of giving leadership gifts.

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