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Juliet Corbett Consulting is committed to maintaining the trust of all clients, potential clients, research participants and visitors to the website by being transparent about the use of personal data. So here’s an outline of the data collected, what it is used for and how it is kept secure.


1. Types of personal data collected

The following types of personal data may be collected, used and stored:

  • Client and potential client contact details (name, job title, organisation name, business address, business email, business telephone number).

  • Brief notes may be made about clients and potential clients but the only personal data collected will be that which is put into the public domain by the individuals themselves (e.g. if an individual’s biography on an organisation’s website mentions the university they attended) or personal data provided directly to Juliet Corbett Consulting.

  • Personal contact details provided by individuals subscribing to Juliet Corbett Consulting's newsletter or free resources (including research reports).


All this personal data is kept strictly confidential.


Juliet Corbett Consulting commits to the highest standards of confidentiality for all client work. This work may occasionally involve the processing of personal data. This data is collected, stored and used in accordance with this privacy policy, the client’s privacy policy/ies and the Consultancy Agreement signed by both parties before the work commences.


2. How personal data is collected

This personal data is collected by:

  • Looking at organisation websites and social media feeds. But only personal data put online by the individuals themselves or their organisations is collected.

  • Interactions with individuals in person and over telephone, email and social media.

  • Individuals submitting personal data via contact and subscriber forms on the Juliet Corbett Consulting website.

  • Individuals submitting personal data via online research surveys.


3. Why personal data is collected

There are two grounds for the lawful processing of this personal data:

  • Where personal data is used for the purpose of operating a business which sells consultancy, training and interim management to organisations a legitimate business interest is relied on as it is necessary to process this data to achieve this purpose. Only the personal data actually needed for this purpose is collected, used and stored.

  • Where the personal data is used for the purpose of sending Juliet Corbett Consulting's newsletter or distributing free resources (including research reports) consent is relied on. This consent can be withdrawn at any time.


4. How personal data is used

  • Contact details for clients and potential clients are used to make one-to-one contact via telephone, email or social media to discuss the services offered and research being undertaken by Juliet Corbett Consulting. Notes regarding clients and potential clients are used to tailor these one-to-one contacts to better match the interests of those being contacted.

  • Contact details for subscribers to Juliet Corbett Consulting's newsletter are only used to distribute the newsletter.

  • Contact details for those requesting free resources (including research reports) are used to distribute the requested resources only.

  • Personal data is kept strictly confidential and is never given to any third parties.


5. How personal data is stored

All data held is periodically reviewed and anything no longer needed is deleted. 


The data described above is stored on a password-protected laptop used by Juliet Corbett and in a Dropbox cloud environment. Dropbox encrypts all data both in transit and at rest. Two-step verification is used to further protect data. Dropbox security Some of the data described above is also securely stored on Zoho CRM. Zoho security

Research surveys are conducted using SurveyMonkey. Anonymous survey replies are analysed using Excel within the secure environment described in the previous paragraph. This data is held within the secure environment described in the previous paragraph. SurveyMonkey security


6. Website and newsletter

The Juliet Corbett Consulting website is hosted on the platform. Data related to your visit to the site may be stored through’s data storage, databases and the general applications. They store your data on secure servers behind a firewall. This includes data submitted through contact and subscriber forms. The distribution of the Juliet Corbett Consulting newsletter and the distribution of requested free resources is managed using Wix AscendWix security


The Juliet Corbett Consulting website uses cookies to collect information about the journey people take through the site. Google Analytics is used to analyse this information to gain a better understanding of how people use the site and identify ways to improve both the content and navigation. Google Analytics security

Testimonials and client names and photographs are only included with the consent of the individuals.

7. Access to your personal data

You are entitled to view, amend or delete your personal data that is held by Juliet Corbett Consulting. Send your request to Juliet Corbett from the contact page.


​8. Privacy policy updates

Juliet Corbett reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. Changes and clarifications will take effect from when they are posted on the website. 


9. Questions or comments

Maintaining your trust is very important. Please do contact Juliet Corbett if you have any questions or comments about this privacy policy or about how your data is handled.

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