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Executive Coaching

Leading a team or organisation can feel like a constant juggling act. With conflicting priorities and stakeholders to manage, it’s easy to feel like you’re constantly reacting to challenges rather than strategically guiding your team. This firefighting can be stressful and cause a nagging feeling that you’re not performing at your best.

Working life doesn't have to feel this way. In fact, it can be enjoyable and genuinely fulfilling. I'm here to guide you on a transformative journey where you regain control over your time, empower your team and achieve your goals with confidence and ease.

Through guided conversation we will uncover insights and practical ideas for new ways of approaching your work. This isn't a one-size-fits-all coaching programme. It's personalised, designed to address your unique challenges and goals.

To guide the process I use a small range of hand-picked frameworks which I've seen deliver excellent results. However, I often find that people prefer me to use these 'behind-the-scenes', so the conversation can flow naturally and their insights are front and centre.

Most importantly, all this is achieved with a big helping of empathy, an emphasis on finding joy and guaranteed complete confidentiality.

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Ready to go from reactive to strategic?

Let's schedule a confidential discovery call to discuss your goals and the sticking points holding you back. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and explore how I could help you reach your goals with confidence and ease.

“Juliet is an amazing listener and takes time to understand the context before sharing her insight or suggestions. This means she can get straight to the crux of issues rather than being distracted by any peripheral aspects. I think she is an outstanding coach and professional advisor.”

"Juliet is great to work with. She gently guides you through the work required, supporting and provoking really considered thinking all the way along.”


My Coaching Philosophy

I believe that everyone has the ability to think and act strategically. And that by combining this with an ever-deeper knowledge of yourself, together we can unlock the happy, strategic leader within.

Coaching is the ultimate co-creation of results:

I bring expertise in strategy, a first-hand understanding of the challenges of leadership in complex organisations and a deep experience of coaching and mentoring others.

And you're the expert on you. So you bring insight into the dreams you hold dear, the challenges you face and the way you've been approaching your work so far.


My coaching approach is flexible to address the specific goals of each client, but the end result will always include:

  • Vision: A clear picture of what you want your working life to look like, and the big goals you want to deliver in your work

  • Focus: Insight into the areas you’ll strategically focus on to achieve this vision

  • Empower: An elevated ability to delegate and empower your team to deliver shared strategic priorities

  • Action: An established habit of taking small, consistent action towards your vision, achieved through a process of friendly accountability

  • Time: Reclaimed control over your time, giving you the tools to focus on strategic priorities and role model sustainable leadership practices for your team


As we start our work together we’ll curate a list of goals and areas you’d like to work on, and we’ll refer back to this frequently to keep us on track.

Your coach: Juliet Corbett

With over twenty years of experience leading, consulting and coaching, with responsibilities spanning fundraising, marketing, governance and strategic planning, Juliet brings a wealth of knowledge to the coaching process.


While she has worked with leaders in a variety of sectors, she has particularly deep experience in the world of education. 

Her academic achievements include an Economics degree from the University of Cambridge and being awarded the prize for 'Best Overall Academic Achievement' on Durham University's MBA programme in 2018.

Since founding her business in 2018 she has had the privilege of guiding hundreds of senior leaders to deliver their goals with confidence and ease through various coaching programmes, workshops and strategy away days. 

She's been podcasting since 2020 and has distilled the knowledge and experience gained along the way into two podcasts: Juliet and Lucy's Quiet Leadership Revolution, which launched in 2024, as well as her previous award-winning podcast, The Independent School Podcast.

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“Juliet understands the constant juggle between operational delivery in a busy school vs the long term necessity for impactful strategic development. She is a realist but also pushes back and doesn't allow empty excuses. She makes her clients want to do better and want to do more. She is a positive, calm force for good”

Ways we could work together

Option 1: Clarity Session
Engage in a focused 2-hour coaching session with Juliet over a video call. This intensive session is designed to provide you with immediate clarity and actionable insights to tackle your most pressing leadership and strategic challenges.

Investment: This stand-alone 2-hour online coaching session costs £845 +VAT.

Next step: Book your Clarity Session

Option 2: Monthly Executive Coaching
Partner with Juliet in monthly 90-minute online executive coaching sessions for six months. This programme is tailored to support your continuous leadership development, offering sustained guidance and strategic advice. The benefits extend well beyond the initial six months, fostering long-term growth and success.

Investment: £3,000 +VAT for 6 months.

Next step: Book a free Discovery Call

Option 3: VIP Executive Accelerator Day
Experience a transformative VIP Executive Accelerator Day, custom-designed to meet your unique needs. This intensive, full-day session provides a deep dive into your leadership and strategic objectives, delivering accelerated impact and rapid results. Schedule a discovery call to explore your requirements, and Juliet will create a bespoke proposal to ensure maximum benefit.

Investment: Prices start from £3,500.

Next step: Book a free Discovery Call

(All prices are exclusive of VAT)

“Juliet has a great combination of sector knowledge, clarity of thought, skills and experience. She is excellent."

 “Juliet facilitates intellectual reflection and then puts answers in front of us which form a clear and achievable roadmap. She adds real value in her work and I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending her."

Ready to go from reactive to strategic?

Let's schedule a confidential discovery call to discuss your goals and the sticking points holding you back. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and explore how I could help you reach your goals with confidence and ease.

Three next steps...

1. Discovery call

To get the most out of coaching you need to like and trust your guide, so in our discovery call we'll spend time getting to know each other. You can ask about my experience and approach, and I'll ask you which elements of your working life you wish were easier. If we both sense a fit, I'll explain what having me as your executive coach would look like.

2. Proposal

If you'd like to take the next step I'll send you a proposal for executive coaching outlining all the details. You can take the time to consider this and share it with others for sign off if needed. We can also schedule another call if you have any further questions. Once the proposal is signed, we'll coordinate the logistics for our sessions.

3. The first session

In our initial session I'll guide you through a tried and tested process which explores your vision, the accelerators driving you forward and the sticking points holding you back. There's no need for specific preparation; spontaneous answers often provide valuable insights. We'll also plan our future sessions while remaining flexible to address whatever arises during our time working together.

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“Juliet helped me unpick challenges, overcome obstacles, navigate internal politics and develop my strategic thinking and creative ideas. The biggest change I've noticed is my confidence.”

Ready to go from reactive to strategic?

Let's schedule a confidential discovery call to discuss your goals and the sticking points holding you back. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and explore how I could help you reach your goals with confidence and ease.

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