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Since founding my business in 2018 I've helped hundreds of senior leaders to deliver their goals with confidence and ease through a variety of coaching programmes, workshops and strategy away days. These are some of the results I've helped people deliver:

"Juliet has been really stimulating to work with. She was quick to understand us as an organisation and form strong working relationships. We have been able to find a sharper focus for our thinking, and identify the key areas that will make a difference for us. I would strongly recommend Juliet to other schools, and am a great fan of her podcasts."

Alex Hems, Head of Foundation, Aldenham Foundation

"I’ve engaged Juliet now in two different schools. We were looking both to equip our staff with greater strategic awareness and the ability to think strategically, and also to do the thinking needed towards refreshing the Foundation strategic plan. We engaged Juliet because she is excellent at facilitating group workshops that are both enjoyable and effective at delivering on the goals for each particular session. If you need an independent sounding board and consultant to bring a structured and enjoyable approach to refreshing a strategic plan, look no further. Juliet has a great combination of sector knowledge, clarity of thoughts, skills and experience. She is excellent."

Andrew Gordon-Brown, Head, Kingswood

"Juliet brings fresh ideas, clarity and organisation to the process of strategic planning. It is too easy in such a project to get bogged down, and her clarity of thought and her ability to help us see the wood for the trees has been refreshing and stimulating. She has embraced all members of the school community and we are delighted with the progress we have made so far."

Louise Simpson, Head, Exeter School

"Juliet helped the management team to engage in strategic thinking and not be over-awed by it. She also helped me as the Head to involve the management team and then staff and stakeholders in strategy discussions. As a result we are clearer in our direction of travel, and have greater confidence in co-creating a strategy with stakeholders. This should build greater buy-in and impact with the actions we subsequently take."

Ben Figgis, Head, Ardingly College

"The amount that Juliet was able to move us forward in one day was invaluable. She fully grasped our complex organisation, showing that she could make the leap from developing strategy for a single school to analysing the complex system leadership required within a MAT. I would absolutely recommend Juliet to other MATs, I can truly see the value that she brings to the wider system."

Cathie Paine, Chief Executive Officer, REAch2 Academy Trust

"Juliet was able to bring various groups together (Governors, Senior Leaders and Middle Leaders) in a way that I would not have been able to do. She was also able to bring an outside and neutral set of eyes, plus the benefit of her wide and deep experience. We have a much better strategy as a result!"

Stefan Horsman, Headmaster, Albyn School

"Juliet is excellent at giving us concrete advice on the next steps forward in securing an exciting future for Mount Kelly amid challenging times. She facilitates intellectual reflection and then puts answers in front of us which form a clear and achievable roadmap. Juliet adds real value in her work and I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending her."

Guy Ayling, Head Master, Mount Kelly

"Juliet has facilitated a number of strategy review meetings with our Senior Executive Team. She brings a great depth of knowledge and relevant experience to the task and we have found our sessions to be fast-paced, well-directed and most enjoyable. It certainly has been a successful partnership for us and has lifted the organisational weight off our shoulders so that we could focus exclusively on developing a coherent and comprehensive strategy for Blundell’s. We look forward to working with Juliet again in the future."

Bart Wielenga, Head, Blundell's School

“Juliet was fantastic to work with: clear, insightful and thoughtful but not judgemental. Her strategy development process was robust and easy to follow, with great observations from Juliet and clear action points at the end. She did not sit on the fence with her opinions, which was very beneficial to us. There was no waffle and no long discussion without any outcome. We came away with better understanding of the strategy process and some clear actions to take forward.”

Louise Hall, Chair of Governors, Sherborne Girls

"As the new Chairman of Governors, I was keen to engage the Governing Body and Senior Executive Team together, to consider some of the key strategic issues that the school is facing. Juliet helped structure and facilitate an engaging and informative event, leveraging her knowledge of the independent schools sector. The outcomes were positive and have given us a collective agenda to work on."

Nigel Hall, Chair of Governors, Blundell's School

"Unanimously, everybody in the team said how well facilitated Juliet's session was. The balance of the session was absolutely spot on in relation to guiding us through the process and then stepping back to give the group the right amount of space to talk and reflect. It was a really well positioned session and we left with a huge amount of clarity - thank you Juliet."

Katherine Alexander, Chief Operating Officer, REAch2 Academy Trust

"I have referred many people to Juliet! Having been a practitioner Juliet understands the constant juggle between operational delivery in a busy school vs the long term necessity for impactful strategic development. She is a realist but also pushes back and doesn't allow empty excuses. She makes her clients want to do better and want to do more. She is a positive, calm force for good, and for change, in an industry that is still not well understood."

Rachael Henshilwood, Director of Partnerships and Development, St Edward's School, Oxford

"Juliet is great to work with. She gently guides you through the work required, supporting and provoking really considered thinking all the way along. We loved working with Juliet and look forward to doing so again in future."

Rachell Fox, Director of Communications, Marketing and Development, Channing

"Juliet was easy to work with and incredibly inspiring. In our one to one calls Juliet helped me understand the landscape in schools and refocus my time and energy strategically to transform our alumni programme to deliver great fundraising results quickly. Juliet helped me unpick challenges, overcome obstacles, navigate internal politics and develop my strategic thinking and creative ideas. The biggest change I've noticed is my confidence. I never believed it would be possible to build a community and raise £3.3M in two years, but we've done it and there's even more potential in the pipeline!"

Laura-Jane Ryves, former Director of Development, Loughborough Schools Foundation

“My regular sessions with Juliet feel like therapy for business! Juliet's calm guidance helps bring clarity and focus to our busy development department. I would not hesitate to recommend Juliet to those coming to work in the world of schools' development. I now think strategically and have the confidence to say no to requests that do not fit in with my strategic plans. Juliet has given me great advice on how to deal with donors and I'm pleased to say that it works!”

Amanda Reynolds, Foundation & Alumni Director, West Buckland School Foundation

"Juliet is an amazing listener and takes time to understand the context before sharing her insight or suggestions. This means she can get straight to the crux of issues rather than being distracted by any peripheral aspects. She also is very good at separating out organisational, structural and individual dimensions of challenges/situations. I think she is an outstanding coach and professional advisor."

Sam Davies, former Head of Philanthropy & Alumnae Engagement, Girls' Day School Trust

“Juliet guided, sense-checked, questioned, rehearsed and supported our work. I don't believe our outcomes would have been as successful if she had not been in the wings and on the end of Zoom every couple of weeks. She enabled me and my team to aim higher and more boldly than I would have felt able to do in the wake of global disruption. I can't thank her enough.”

Alexa Broad, Director of Development, Abingdon School

"Juliet is professional, knowledgeable and perceptive. She led a dynamic, productive and positive session that enabled us to distil lots of ideas into a focused and coherent way forward. We were very grateful for her direction, understanding and advice. We look forward to working with her again."

Katherine Massey, Director of Development and Marketing, Sherborne Girls

"Juliet has given me confidence on so many levels! She is easy to talk with, she has a fantastic knowledge and keeps up to date with current movements within the sector. I'd thoroughly recommend working with Juliet if you are starting out in Development, starting a appeal/campaign or as part of a CPD package."

Emma Styles, Head of Development, Colyton Grammar School

"Juliet Corbett's abilities to project manage, from outstanding drafting/writing skills, to fiscal acumen, to risk management, position her as a considerable asset to any organization."

Dr Jennifer Barnes, former Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge and President, Murray Edwards College

"I can provide the very strongest recommendation for Juliet. She has great judgment, understands complex organisations, is proactive and extremely positive. She brings a measured, responsible and insightful approach to achieving excellence in a complex educational environment."

Professor Keith Gull CBE FRS, former Principal, St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford; Governor, Eastbourne College and St Andrew's Prep

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Current and recent clients

  • Abingdon School

  • Albyn School

  • Aldenham Foundation

  • Ardingly College

  • Blundell's School

  • The British School of Amsterdam

  • Bryanston School

  • Caterham School

  • Channing School

  • Colyton Grammar School

  • Crosfields School

  • Exe Valley Federation

  • Exeter School

  • Felsted School

  • Girls' Day School Trust (GDST)

  • Holme Grange School

  • International Committee of the Red Cross

  • JLGB

  • Kingswood School

  • Loughborough Schools Foundation

  • Lucidity

  • Marymount International School London

  • Mount Kelly

  • Queen Elizabeth's Hospital, Bristol

  • REAch2 Academy Trust

  • Sherborne Girls

  • St Edward's School, Oxford

  • St Julian's School

  • The People Performance Consultancy

  • Truro School

  • Walhampton School

  • West Buckland School Foundation

  • Windermere School

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