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Juliet Corbett is an executive coach and strategy adviser, guiding senior leaders to find their strategic focus, empower their teams and regain control over their time.


She has over twenty years' experience of leading, consulting and coaching, with responsibilities spanning fundraising, marketing, governance and strategic planning. While she has worked with leaders in a variety of sectors, she has particularly deep experience in the world of education.


She was awarded the prize for 'Best Overall Academic Achievement' on Durham University’s MBA (Masters in Business) programme in 2018, and also has an Economics degree from the University of Cambridge. Along with being a member of The Institute of Leadership and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).


Since founding her business in 2018 she's helped hundreds of senior leaders to deliver their goals with confidence and ease through a variety of coaching programmes, workshops and strategy away days.


She's been podcasting since 2020 and has distilled the knowledge and experience gained along the way into two podcasts: Juliet and Lucy's Quiet Leadership Revolution, which launched in 2024, as well as her previous award-winning podcast, The Independent School Podcast.


 Juliet Corbett MA(Cantab) MBA MCIOF 


My journey to strategic focus

Since my first job in the higher education sector in 2002 I have experienced first-hand the challenges and joys of the world of education.


My greatest weakness in the first half of my career was that I worked myself extremely hard to get the results I wanted, which led to burnout. I didn’t want to aim my sights lower – I’m always going to be truly committed to delivering excellent results. So I had to find a better way to achieve that, without exhausting myself in the process.


I discovered that strategic focus combined with a deeper self-knowledge was the answer.


I learnt to focus my efforts so I can excel at the handful of things that actually make a difference and deliver my goals. To balance my intellect and my intuition. And to allow my natural curiosity and creativity to solve problems one step at a time.


Now I work as an executive coach and strategy adviser helping others to do the same, enabling them to lead happy teams to remarkable results.

Ready to go from exhausted to strategic?

Our company's values: We are...

... optimistic

  • We help leaders in the world of education to find joy in their work.

  • We're drawn to the brighter, more colourful, side of life.


... curious

  • We are curious about the world, curating and sharing fresh ideas that help leaders reach their goals with confidence and ease.

  • We actively listen to others, exploring together how to overcome the challenges they face.


... focused

  • We identify the key elements in a web of complex information, helping leaders find their strategic focus and avoid distractions.

  • We help people find clarity; we don't add to the overwhelm.


... collaborative

  • We effect change by working alongside leaders and partners who share our values.

  • We are always listening for ways we can elevate our impact, and make it smooth and seamless to work with us.

Durham Univeristy Business School.jpg

MBA(Distinction) and recipient of the Best Overall Academic Achievement Award


I am a member of The Institute of Leadership


I am a member of EMCC and I subscribe to EMCC’s Code of Ethics

Client voices

"I’ve engaged Juliet now in two different schools. We were looking both to equip our staff with greater strategic awareness and the ability to think strategically, and also to do the thinking needed towards refreshing the Foundation strategic plan. We engaged Juliet because she is excellent at facilitating group workshops that are both enjoyable and effective at delivering on the goals for each particular session. If you need an independent sounding board and consultant to bring a structured and enjoyable approach to refreshing a strategic plan, look no further. Juliet has a great combination of sector knowledge, clarity of thoughts, skills and experience. She is excellent."

Andrew Gordon-Brown, Head, Kingswood

"Juliet brings fresh ideas, clarity and organisation to the process of strategic planning. It is too easy in such a project to get bogged down, and her clarity of thought and her ability to help us see the wood for the trees has been refreshing and stimulating. She has embraced all members of the school community and we are delighted with the progress we have made so far."

Louise Simpson, Head, Exeter School

"Juliet was able to bring various groups together (Governors, Senior Leaders and Middle Leaders) in a way that I would not have been able to do. She was also able to bring an outside and neutral set of eyes, plus the benefit of her wide and deep experience. We have a much better strategy as a result!"

Stefan Horsman, Headmaster, Albyn School

"Juliet has facilitated a number of strategy review meetings with our Senior Executive Team. She brings a great depth of knowledge and relevant experience to the task and we have found our sessions to be fast-paced, well-directed and most enjoyable. It certainly has been a successful partnership for us and has lifted the organisational weight off our shoulders so that we could focus exclusively on developing a coherent and comprehensive strategy for Blundell’s. We look forward to working with Juliet again in the future."

Bart Wielenga, Head, Blundell's School

"Unanimously, everybody in the team said how well facilitated Juliet's session was. The balance of the session was absolutely spot on in relation to guiding us through the process and then stepping back to give the group the right amount of space to talk and reflect. It was a really well positioned session and we left with a huge amount of clarity - thank you Juliet."

Katherine Alexander, Chief Operating Officer, REAch2 Academy Trust

"Juliet is great to work with. She gently guides you through the work required, supporting and provoking really considered thinking all the way along. We loved working with Juliet and look forward to doing so again in future."

Rachell Fox, Director of Communications, Marketing and Development, Channing

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