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Juliet and Lucy's Quiet Leadership Revolution podcast

The world doesn't need any more noise, an army of identical leaders or rigid leadership models. Instead, the challenges we all face call for thoughtful, reflective, confident leadership. People who want to lead by example, bring others with them and who are ready to learn and adapt to deliver brilliant results.

Join Juliet Corbett and Lucy Gower as they explore the transformative power of quiet leadership. Through candid conversations and practical insights they guide senior and aspiring leaders to carve out time to think, discover their own leadership style and cultivate a culture of empowerment and growth. 

It's time to make your voice heard and your impact felt. Tune in and join the Quiet Leadership Revolution.

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The Independent School Podcast

Leading an independent school can be incredibly demanding, leaving little time or energy to identify the right priorities and see the bigger picture clearly. But with the right guidance it is possible to flourish as a leader, and make a meaningful difference in the world.

Join Juliet Corbett, an executive coach and strategy adviser, for actionable tactics and strategies covering everything from fundraising to fees, strategy to leadership. How can private schools secure their future for generations to come amid turbulent times? How can they balance their long heritage with modern business acumen? Listen in for interviews and insights to find out. 

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