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Free resources: Strategic responses to COVID-19

I've created a number of free resources to help independent schools craft a strategic response to the COVID-19 crisis:


Video series: Strategy briefings for independent schools

I was invited to present a webinar for IDPE (Institute of Development Professionals in Education, UK) titled 'How resilient is your fundraising strategy to coronavirus?'. IDPE members can access the recording here.

Visit my Blog for further insights into how independent schools are responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

Rethinking Strategy in Independent Schools: free research report and two checklists. This was written in 2019 and it offers a solid primer in independent school strategy. 

See where I'm speaking in upcoming months, including virtual and in-person events.

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Exploring strategy

Some authors have been particularly influential in inspiring my approach to strategy, strategic thinking and organisational culture. The following resources offer a great introduction to the intricacies of these ever-fascinating subjects.



Good strategy / bad strategy’ by Richard Rumelt: If you only have time to read one strategy book, make it this one. It's written mainly with business in mind but is very applicable to education and not-for-profit organisations. 

Exploring strategy’ by Gerry Johnson et al is an excellent comprehensive textbook for anyone wanting a more structured journey through strategy.


It’s sister text ‘Exploring public sector strategy’ is nearly 20 years old now, but is still a useful resource for adapting general strategy techniques to education and not-for-profit organisations.

Strategic thinking

Ellen Goldman has written numerous useful journal articles about strategic thinking including:

Organisational culture

'Organizational culture and leadership' by Edgar Schein is an excellent academically focused book about culture. If you want an easier read his 'Corporate culture survival guide' might be better, and despite its name it is still relevant to educational and not-for-profit organisations.

Exploring wider

Many of the world’s leading business schools publish openly accessible articles on strategy. To get you started check out the Harvard Business Review, London Business School, INSEAD and Wharton Business School

Google Scholar offers an easy way to search for academic research in areas you’re interested in. Although some of the articles are behind pay-walls, many are free to access by clicking the [PDF] link on the right of the search result. 


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