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Report: Rethinking Strategy in Independent Schools

The Rethinking Strategy in Independent Schools report sets out a best practice approach to strategy which is fully adapted for independent schools.

The report includes:

  • Best practice recommendations for strategy development and implementation in independent schools

  • Why it is important to build a culture of strategic thinking across your school

  • Trends in strategy development in the UK independent school sector

  • An easy-to-follow primer in strategy and strategic thinking, tailored for independent school governors, heads and senior leaders


Two handy checklists will follow the report to help you implement the recommendations.

Download the report

To download the free Rethinking Strategy in Independent Schools report please enter your details.

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This report will help if:

  • Your school has a strategic plan but you want to speed up implementation: check out Section 4 on building a culture of strategic thinking. 

  • You are involved in writing a new strategic plan for your school: the report will give your governors, head and senior leaders best practice advice on every step.

  • You’re a governor, head or senior leader in a state school: all of the best practice recommendations are equally applicable to state schools.

Download report

What next?

  • Use the Strategy and Strategic Thinking Checklists to guide you step-by-step through the recommendations. These will be emailed to you after you download the report.

Ready to go from exhausted to strategic?

Client voices

"Juliet has been really stimulating to work with. She was quick to understand us as an organisation and form strong working relationships. We have been able to find a sharper focus for our thinking, and identify the key areas that will make a difference for us. I would strongly recommend Juliet to other schools, and am a great fan of her podcasts."

Alex Hems, Head of Foundation, Aldenham Foundation

"Juliet brings fresh ideas, clarity and organisation to the process of strategic planning. It is too easy in such a project to get bogged down, and her clarity of thought and her ability to help us see the wood for the trees has been refreshing and stimulating. She has embraced all members of the school community and we are delighted with the progress we have made so far."

Louise Simpson, Head, Exeter School

"Juliet helped the management team to engage in strategic thinking and not be over-awed by it. She also helped me as the Head to involve the management team and then staff and stakeholders in strategy discussions. As a result we are clearer in our direction of travel, and have greater confidence in co-creating a strategy with stakeholders. This should build greater buy-in and impact with the actions we subsequently take."

Ben Figgis, Head, Ardingly College

"Juliet was able to bring various groups together (Governors, Senior Leaders and Middle Leaders) in a way that I would not have been able to do. She was also able to bring an outside and neutral set of eyes, plus the benefit of her wide and deep experience. We have a much better strategy as a result!"

Stefan Horsman, Headmaster, Albyn School

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