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The Strategic Leader Ebook 

"Thinking strategically is what separates good managers from great leaders."


I demystify jargon and translate tried-and-tested strategy and fundraising techniques into a language that works for organisations, helping leaders make tough strategic choices more confidently.


So if you’re a senior leader and you want your daily work to feel less exhausting and more strategic, and if you want to once more feel the joy of making the world a better place through your work... then you’re in the right place and I have six key questions I'd like you to ask yourself.


This ebook will help you think and act strategically to secure the future of your organisation.

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Ready to go from exhausted to strategic?

Client voices

"The amount that Juliet was able to move us forward in one day was invaluable. She fully grasped our complex organisation, showing that she could make the leap from developing strategy for a single school to analysing the complex system leadership required within a MAT. I would absolutely recommend Juliet to other MATs, I can truly see the value that she brings to the wider system."

Cathie Paine, Chief Executive Officer, REAch2 Academy Trust

"Juliet is excellent at giving us concrete advice on the next steps forward in securing an exciting future for Mount Kelly amid challenging times. She facilitates intellectual reflection and then puts answers in front of us which form a clear and achievable roadmap. Juliet adds real value in her work and I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending her."

Guy Ayling, Head Master, Mount Kelly

“Juliet was fantastic to work with: clear, insightful and thoughtful but not judgemental. Her strategy development process was robust and easy to follow, with great observations from Juliet and clear action points at the end. She did not sit on the fence with her opinions, which was very beneficial to us. There was no waffle and no long discussion without any outcome. We came away with better understanding of the strategy process and some clear actions to take forward.”

Louise Hall, Chair of Governors, Sherborne Girls

"I have referred many people to Juliet! Having been a practitioner Juliet understands the constant juggle between operational delivery in a busy school vs the long term necessity for impactful strategic development. She is a realist but also pushes back and doesn't allow empty excuses. She makes her clients want to do better and want to do more. She is a positive, calm force for good, and for change, in an industry that is still not well understood."

Rachael Henshilwood, Director of Partnerships and Development, St Edward's School, Oxford

“Juliet guided, sense-checked, questioned, rehearsed and supported our work. I don't believe our outcomes would have been as successful if she had not been in the wings and on the end of Zoom every couple of weeks. She enabled me and my team to aim higher and more boldly than I would have felt able to do in the wake of global disruption. I can't thank her enough.”

Alexa Broad, Director of Development, Abingdon School

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