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163: Fundraising Campaigns: Structure Best Practice

This is the first in my two-part series about Fundraising Campaigns. In this episode, I speak about how to structure a campaign over multiple phases to maximise the opportunity for success.

Whether you're new to school fundraising or looking for advanced strategies, this two-part series has got you covered. Next week, we will take a deeper dive into some more advanced topics, including when you can 'break the rules'.

Some Key Takeaways:

1. To maximise the opportunity for success in a campaign, experienced fundraisers use distinct phases: Planning, feasibility, quiet, public and stewardship phases.

2. Cultivating relationships with major donors is crucial for successful fundraising campaigns. So the phases are structured to focus on major gift conversations first.

3. Generating excitement in the whole community is a great way to finish off a campaign, but if you go public too early you risk the success of the campaign.

4. Sometimes you can 'break the rules' of the standard campaign phases, but only if you understand the underlying principles of the best practice approach first.

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