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158: Asking Governors and Leaders to Give

In this episode, I delve into the strategic importance of encouraging governors, trustees, and senior leaders in our schools to contribute themselves to fundraising projects.

With insights from the IDPE Benchmarking report offering valuable guidance to navigate this compelling topic, I uncover the importance of leadership giving, the role of governors and senior leaders in setting an example and practical ideas for fundraisers to encourage their support.

Tune in and discover how to empower and engage key stakeholders in supporting your school's fundraising endeavours.

Key lessons from this episode:

1. It is not about the size of the gift, but rather the participation rate of governors and senior leaders in giving to fundraising projects.

2. The focus should be on demonstrating commitment to and belief in the project, rather than the amount given.

3. It is important to create a culture of giving within the school, starting with governors and senior leaders leading by example.

4. Highlighting the participation of governors and senior leaders in fundraising projects can motivate other donors to follow suit.

"And don't forget that if you want to be thinking strategically, all of us need to create the space to breathe, the time to learn, and the courage to adapt." — Juliet Corbett

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