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174: Solving for Value for Money

Leaders in independent schools are having to make some hard decisions at the moment, especially those in the UK facing the possible addition of VAT to school fees.

Some of these decisions could be classified as ‘wicked’ - defined as a problem where multiple stakeholders want different, sometimes contradictory, outcomes.

In the last episode Juliet explored how NASA approaches this type of problem, drawing out lessons for school leaders.

In this episode Juliet explores further the three questions we finished with last time:

  1. What ‘wicked’ problems are you trying to solve, and what contradictory outcomes do the stakeholder want that makes them wicked?

  2. What system do you have in place to brainstorm new ways of doing things, anticipate knock-on consequences and rapidly revise the plans?

  3. Are you and your team ready to embrace change that might feel hard?

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Listen to the last episode: 173: Solving wicked problems the NASA way

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