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154: Building Fundraising Confidence

In today's episode, "Building Fundraising Confidence," I’m diving into the world of fundraising and exploring how it can help schools achieve their goals to make a positive impact on their communities. Fundraising is not just about asking people for money, but rather offering an opportunity to contribute to something meaningful and make a difference. I'll be discussing four mindsets that might be holding you back from feeling confident in your fundraising efforts and how to shift them.

Key Lessons from the episode

  • Building fundraising confidence is important for school leaders.

  • Fundraising is not simply asking people for money; it's offering them an opportunity to make a difference.

  • Finding your personal connection to the project makes fundraising easier.

  • Understanding the impact of philanthropic donations is key to building fundraising confidence.

  • Fundraising success is achievable by embracing a growth mindset and continuous learning.

"Nobody is a natural fundraiser. It's something we learn and develop through practice and finding our personal connection to the project." Juliet Corbett

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