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009: Reimagining your fundraising case for support

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

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The types of projects independent schools fundraise for and the messages they use when communicating with donors have shifted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With an accelerated move away from buildings and facilities fundraising and the growth of bursaries fundraising, it’s important to understand how to reimagine your school’s case for support.

This episode explores why schools should connect their fundraising case for support to the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and how to do this for hardship, bursary and capital (building) fundraising. It also revisits one of the foundations of an inspirational case for support: the importance of storytelling.

Episode highlights

  • Why you should link your fundraising case for support to the COVID-19 crisis (2:35)

  • Linking hardship funds to COVID-19 (5:40)

  • Linking bursary fundraising to COVID-19 (8:30)

  • Fundraising opportunities for partnership projects with state schools (12:00)

  • Linking capital (building) projects to COVID-19 (13:02)

  • The move away from capital campaigns towards bursary fundraising (17:15)

  • The importance of storytelling for inspirational fundraising (18:55)

References and resources

Fundraising Focus Programme: Expert fundraising advice to fit your school's budget

Find out more about Juliet Corbett’s work with independent schools and discover a host of free resources for schools at


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