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167: Trends in Leadership Recruitment with Hayley Mintern, Partner, Anderson Quigley

Tune into this week’s podcast for a comprehensive insight into school leadership recruitment trends and the crucial conversation around equality, diversity and inclusion.

I am joined by Hayley Mintern, Partner at Anderson Quigley and in our thought-provoking conversation, we delve into the world of leadership recruitment in education. Hayley brings her expertise to the table, offering insights on employer branding and developing a pool of talent for future school vacancies. It's a fascinating discussion that underscores the shifting role of school leadership and uncovers the importance of diversifying the talent pipeline in the independent sector.

Some Key Takeaways from this episode:

1. Leveraging employer branding, including on LinkedIn, can help schools prepare for future vacancies.

2. Leadership roles in schools are evolving to include strategic and commercial aspects.

3. Diverse senior teams and multiple layers of expertise are crucial for effectively running a school.

4. Schools can benefit from thinking more strategically about their reputation and business model, particularly within the independent sector.

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