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168: The Big Picture and Being Human with Jim Knight, Rt Hon Lord Knight of Weymouth, Chair of COBIS

For this week's episode I'm joined by Jim Knight, The Rt Hon Lord Knight of Weymouth and Chair of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS). We dive deep into the big picture of education, looking at the changing ways that schools prepare young people for their future, the importance of addressing the climate emergency, the increasing role of AI in schools, as well as exploring ways that independent and state schools can learn from each other. About Jim Knight Jim Knight works in education, digital technology and as a legislator. He is a director of Suklaa Ltd, providing advice to clients in education. Jim is the Chair of trust board of E-Act Multi Academy Trust, and chair of the Council of British International Schools. He is a board member of Century-Tech, MACAT International and Educate Ventures Research Ltd, he sits on advisory bodies for Nord Anglia Education, Pearson and BETT. As a government minister and MP, Jim’s portfolios included rural affairs, schools, digital and employment. He was a member of Gordon Brown’s Cabinet, before joining the Lords in 2010. He regularly speaks in the Lords on education and technology policy. Key takeaways from this episode: 1. We are striving to create an education system that prepares young people to thrive in an unpredictable future, but this is constrained by its importance in the university admissions system. 2. Schools can play a significant role in helping communities to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as preparing young people to take climate action. 3. The task of AI regulation is not simple, but we must act fast as the technology is changing quickly and young people are already taking advantage of the benefits it brings. Episode links Suklaa Ltd Ashden: Sustainable Schools Contact Juliet: Discover more about working with Juliet: Sign up at to receive an email each Thursday morning about the week’s new podcast episode


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