006: Lessons from university fundraising with Simon Lerwill, Foundation Director,Marlborough College

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

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Fundraising for schools and universities can be quite a different experience, with contrasting scale, affinity and fundraising projects. Simon Lerwill, Foundation Director at Marlborough College, joins me this week to discuss the lessons schools can learn from university fundraising.

Simon and I also discuss the impact of furloughing development staff, what this may signal about school leaders’ understanding of fundraising and the message this may send to prospective donors. We also hear about Marlborough’s engagement and fundraising activities; what’s working and what they are planning next.

This is a must-listen episode for school and university fundraisers alike!

Episode highlights

  • The differences between school and university fundraising (2:10)

  • Different scale (3:40)

  • Different levels of affinity (7:15)

  • Different fundraising opportunities (14:00)

  • Different career paths (16:20)

  • The impact of furloughing fundraising staff (17:35)

  • Marlborough’s engagement activities (21:55)

  • Having confidence in your case for support (26:05)

  • Marlborough’s bursary campaign (29:00)

  • The outlook for school fundraising (32:05)

References and resources

Fundraising Focus Programme

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