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114: Community Fundraising with Ed Lang, Buffalo Fundraising Consultants

In this episode, our topic of discussion is Community Fundraising. I talk with Ed Lang, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Buffalo Fundraising Consultants, who has worked in this sector since 2004.

If you’re keen to map out your school’s fundraising programme in a way that is strategically right for your school, then listen in. This episode will help you work out your ‘Strategic Next Step’ for community fundraising.

Listen as we first clarify what is meant by community fundraising and then outline different vehicles such as telephone campaigns, giving days, direct mail and events. Ed Lang offers us pros and cons for each of these fundraising methods.

Engaging with all levels of a school community is what Community Fundraising is all about. This episode offers you an understanding of the nuanced steps you can take to tighten your community fundraising programme within your school.

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