038: How will you communicate your strategy? Strategic question #6

In this episode, the last in a series where I identify the six essential questions that leaders of private schools should consider when trying to define their strategic approach, I ask: 'how do you communicate your strategy?' Through this episode, I explore how visual thinking can help your decision-making within the school and how it can help align the actions and decisions of staff in various areas of your school.

I reinforce the importance of involving your staff in that process and I discuss how you can help your staff understand what your strategic plan means for them and how their day-to-day decision-making might be affected by it.

I look at how you communicate your strategy to others such as pupils, parents, alumni, state school partners and potential lettings partners, how you can present your strategy online, and how a well-presented strategy can be a vital and powerful marketing tool for prospective parents.

I explore what the content of your external strategic plan should be and how to form an impactful external strategy that is based around themes. Finally, I discuss how, when done well, strategic plans can tackle the challenges your school faces head-on.

Episode Highlights

  • Introducing the sixth question (02:56)

  • Aligning decision making across your school (03:23)

  • Communicating your strategy to your staff (05:52)

  • Communicating your strategy to others (08:18)

  • Forming your external strategic plan (10:00)

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