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007: Simple steps to solve three big fundraising challenges

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

(Podcast audio will load here shortly.)

School fundraisers are facing three big challenges at the moment: How can we get the school’s Head on board with our plans? Should we be fundraising at the moment? How can we strategically innovate in virtual engagement and fundraising?

This week’s episode explores these three challenges, which emerged as key themes from last week’s IDPE Live virtual conference. Listen in for three simple steps you can take to address each of these challenges.

Episode highlights

  • IDPE Live virtual conference (0:55)

  • Theme 1: Getting your Head on board (5:05)

  • Step 1. Adopt a leadership mindset: communicate with clarity and authority (8:20)

  • Step 2. Treat your Head like a major gift donor (10:15)

  • Step 3. Present your fundraising or engagement plan (11:40)

  • Theme 2: To fundraise or not to fundraise (15:30)

  • Step 1. Review your engagement activity from an external and internal angle (17:30)

  • Step 2. Review your fundraising foundations (20:00)

  • Step 3. Refocus your case for support (22:20)

  • Theme 3: Innovations in virtual engagement and fundraising (23:35)

  • Perspective 1. Refresh your view of best practice (27:25)

  • Perspective 2. Fill skill gaps (29:25)

  • Perspective 3. Become more efficient through technology (30:40)

References and resources

IDPE webinar with Juliet Corbett: “How robust is your fundraising strategy to coronavirus?” recorded 7 April 2020 (This webinar is hosted on the IDPE website. You will need to enter to email address to get access to the recording)

Episode 005: Navigating fundraising uncertainty – find out more about using informal market research to inform your refreshed case for support

Efficiency apps I mention in this episode:

  • Hootsuite (social media scheduler)

  • Later (social media scheduler)

  • Buffer (social media scheduler)

  • SmarterQueue (social media scheduler) I use SmarterQueue and love it! This one is an affiliate link, so if you use it you’ll get 30 days free - double the normal free trial – and I get a little bonus too.

  • Trello (task management app)

  • Canva (graphic design)

Find out more about Juliet Corbett’s work with independent schools and discover a host of free resources for schools at


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