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005: Navigating fundraising uncertainty

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

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School fundraisers will be making a lot of critical decisions over the next six months. These might include deciding which fundraising projects to prioritise, adjusting the case for support or determining the right time to re-activate each fundraising stream. Given the high levels of uncertainty we’re experiencing, these decisions become easier with a flow of real-time information from your independent school community.

This episode explores three steps schools fundraisers can take to generate this flow of information using market research techniques. It also explains how the Fundraising Focus Programme can further help school fundraisers navigate the coming months of uncertainty.

Episode highlights

  • The types of uncertainty school fundraisers face (1:25)

  • Why the next six months is critical for getting your fundraising back on track (3:00)

  • Using market research techniques to navigate fundraising uncertainty (5:30)

  • Market research step 1: What do you need to know? (8:05)

  • Market research step 2: Which market research techniques will you use? Focus groups and interviews (10:25)

  • Market research step 3: How will you analyse the information? (17:50)

  • The benefits of structuring your information flow (19:20)

  • The Fundraising Focus Programme: Affordable access to expert advice (22:10)

References and resources

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