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017: Reasons to be optimistic (Series 1 wrap-up)

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Over the first 16 episodes of this podcast, I've explored a wide range of tactics, strategies and best practice to help independent schools strengthen their income streams. I've interviewed a number of experts in their field, sharing their advice and practical approaches to their roles. And in the last five episodes, I built a Strategy Toolkit to help schools become more strategic both during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

In this episode I wrap-up this first series on an up-beat note - looking at reasons to be optimistic about income streams for independent schools in the future.

I highlight how important I believe virtual open days will become in the future, I look at early signs of buoyancy in the UK pupil recruitment market, and I reiterate how schools can have an advantage over other industries in the field of commercial activities.

I look back at the advice my guests have given on fundraising techniques for independent schools, and how the crisis has presented an opportunity for schools to get closer to the communities from which they raise funds.

Finally I explore two skill-sets that schools need during the pandemic to secure their income streams, specifically, resilience and strategic thinking. And I explain why these skills are more inter-linked than you might think.

Whilst the COVID-19 crisis has created a very challenging environment to operate in, by diversifying your income streams and by being both resilient and aware of the strategies available to you, there are reasons to be optimistic about the future.

Episode highlights

  • Recruitment marketing (02:25)

  • Commercial activities (04:10)

  • Fundraising (06:05)

  • Importance of resilience (08:20)

  • Importance of strategy and strategic thinking (10:05)

References and resources

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Find out more about Juliet Corbett’s work with independent schools and discover a host of free resources for schools at


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