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153: Four ways AI will impact Education

In this episode I present an exploratory framework to help you discuss AI and take action in your school. No-one can give you all the answers at the moment, so I offer questions you can ask within your school community to guide a strategic approach to AI. This episode will help you embrace this new technology and its impact.

Key lessons from this episode

  • Pupils in schools will grow up "AI native". The rest of us will need to actively keep up with advancements.

  • Opinions on the impact of AI in education are varied, but even amid this uncertainty we need to take action.

  • Developing the necessary skill-set within leaders and staff will allow your school to address AI's challenges and opportunities.

  • It's critical that we guide students in understanding the ethical use of AI and emerging technologies.

  • AI technology will improve rapidly - I predict that in five years' time the AI we have today will look incredibly simplistic.


Harnessing the Power of AI in Education:

"Teachers will be harnessing the power of AI, but filtering it through their uniquely human understanding of educational pedagogy. And this is based on instinct. It's based on emotional intelligence. It's based on things which AI will not be able to replicate, at least not within my lifetime."

— Juliet Corbett

AI's Impact on the Operational Efficiency of Schools:

"Every organisation on the planet will need to adapt its processes in order to harness the efficiencies which AI offers."

— Juliet Corbett

The Future of Education:

"It's going to impact the already growing distance learning models that we've seen emerging and accelerating during the pandemic."

— Juliet Corbett

Episode notes

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