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143: Strategy as Learning

Agile strategic thinking is so important right now. Therefore, we are returning to focus our attention on strategy as a learning, rather than a planning, process.

Let us establish a learning lens through which we can identify problems, create hypotheses, pilot projects, reflect and ultimately create a full cycle of successful strategic development.

This episode reminds us how successful independent school strategy can be with a learning mindset. The third in my four part mini-series on Rethinking Strategy from 2022, I invite you to have another listen!

Episode notes

Episode 105: How planned is your strategy? (Rethinking strategy - Part 1)

Episode 106: Disruptive edge, stable core (Rethinking strategy - part 2)

Episode 108: Culture eats strategy for breakfast (Rethinking strategy - part 4)

Work with Juliet Corbett


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