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059: Turning strategy into action

In this episode, I discuss turning strategy into action. Taking action is the essential ingredient of any good strategy. The best strategy in the world will make no difference if no action or inconsistent action is taken.

I start by talking about the three things that often go wrong in strategy implementation.

The first thing that often goes wrong is that strategy conversations are focused around the wrong thing. I talk about the importance of ensuring that the focus is on the things that actually matter to the school community.

The second thing I discuss is the lack of agreement on which action to take or lack of agreement to take any action at all. This can result in strategy discussions going round in circles without resulting in any agreement.

The third thing that often goes wrong is that strategy conversations end too soon, never resulting in any action. One thing that you can do to combat this is to end a strategy conversation with agreed next steps with allocated people, resources and timeframes.

It is so important to follow strategy all the way through with action points to ensure that it is properly implemented so that it can have the greatest impact.

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