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058: Don't wait to make your (strategic) move

In this episode, I discuss how many of us wait to make strategic moves as we believe that they are conditional on other tasks being completed first. This conditional thinking often constrains actions and prevents us from moving forward, completely unnecessarily.

I talk about examples I have come across where individuals and schools as a whole are waiting to take action because they don’t believe they are in the ideal position.

One example I discuss is a school saying that they will think about innovation once they have more financial resources. But what happens if they never believe they have enough financial resources... they will never innovate and perhaps innovation is a key step to creating more financial resources.

These pre-conditions can prevent us from ever taking action. In this episode, I share how you can spot these false conditions, act strategically and avoid procrastination.

To not wait to take strategic action you should-

  • Spot its happening

  • Question whether the second thing actually needs to wait

  • Ask yourself ‘is there something else holding me back?’

Unless it is absolutely necessary, don’t wait to take action. Step outside of your comfort zone and make changes that will benefit you.

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