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057: Pushing beyond your comfort zone

In this episode, I discuss the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone and how you can push beyond the things that you already do well. Stepping out of your comfort zone is not exclusive to individuals, it can also play out at the organisational level when implementing strategic changes.

I start by using examples of times when I have come across individuals and even whole schools who are stuck in their comfort zone. Innovation and change can be scary but they are so important to driving growth within the school environment.

I then share three actions that I believe will help you to step outside your comfort zone.

1. Notice it's happening

2. Get curious and figure out what is holding you back

3. Take small, regular actions, gather feedback and reflect

It is normal to be fearful about changes you could be making that are beyond your comfort zone. In this episode, I hope to unpack the importance of stepping beyond what you already do well and challenge yourself to embrace innovation and change.

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