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040: An international perspective with Louise Simpson, Head, Exeter School

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

In this episode, I speak to Louise Simpson, the Head of Exeter School. Louise joined Exeter School, a co-educational, independent day school, in 2020 after spending time as Head at St Paul’s School in São Paulo, Brazil. Through our discussion, Louise and I cover a number of topics, including her perspective on moving back to the UK independent school sector following her time abroad.

Firstly, we discuss why Louise got into education and what it was about education that sparked her interest. Louise then reflects on the transition of moving back to the UK following her time in Brazil and what she learned from working abroad and how that international perspective can benefit those working in schools in the UK.

We then talk about the role of character education in the independent schools sector, the importance of developing young people for a world beyond school and giving them skills that will help them to become good citizens.

We discuss the importance of diversity inclusion, how bursaries and state school partnerships can help independent schools become more accessible, and specifically what approach Exeter School is taking in this area.

Finally, we talk about the importance of collaborative leadership and how the COVID pandemic has changed the way school leaders have operated and reinforced the qualities and benefits of collaboration.

Episode Highlights

  • Introducing Louise Simpson (03:46)

  • How to be more intentionally international (07:20)

  • The role of character education (17:36)

  • The importance of diversity inclusion (23:16)

  • The importance of collaborative leadership (29:18)

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