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039: Strategy away days: 8 top tips

In this episode, I look at strategy away days, unpacking a series of top tips for you to employ to make your away days more effective, and to help you avoid hitting the many negative stereotypes that exist about the subject.

I begin by discussing why away days can be an important tool in your strategy toolbox and how they can bring people together to focus on decision-making without distraction.

Throughout my top tips, I explore the benefits of using a facilitator for the away day. I look at the importance of setting the agenda with the end goal in mind, and of allowing enough time for broad discussion.

I discuss the importance of inviting school governors and senior leaders to your away day and enabling all participants to be fully involved by circulating draft papers for the day in advance.

I look at how allowing informal time for team building can help foster coherence between the participants, and how breakout discussions can allow for debate and ensure that everyone has input. Finally, I note how outlining clear next steps following the away day is essential for ensuring the away day discussions influence strategic decision-making in your school. Episode Highlights

  • Why strategy away days are important (03:18)

  • Top Tip number 1 - using a facilitator (06:30)

  • Top Tip number 2 - agreeing an agenda for the session (07:53)

  • Top Tip number 3 - allowing enough time (09:24)

  • Top Tip number 4 - inviting governors and senior leaders (10:11)

  • Top Tip number 5 - preparing papers in advance (11:24)

  • Top Tip number 6 - allowing informal time for team building (13:02)

  • Top Tip number 7 - using breakout discussions (16:45)

  • Top Tip number 8 - outlining clear next steps (17:42)

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