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028: Efficiency tools and Series 2 wrap-up

In this episode, the final of series 2, I explore how technology tools can boost your efficiency. I identify five invaluable tools that have helped me be more productive over the past year.

The first tool I have discovered is Calendly, a diary management website that helps me to set up meetings with other people seamlessly, ideal for schools. Calendly allows me to set up various types of meeting online that I then send to people via a link that lets them book a meeting directly into my diary.

The second tool, Canva, a simple to use graphic design platform, allows me to create engaging social media images, PowerPoint presentations and short brochures.

The third tool, SmarterQueue, is a social media scheduler that helps me schedule content on LinkedIn and Twitter, and is particularly good for evergreen content such as promotion for alumni magazine articles that don't date.

The fourth tool, Trello, is a project management tool that is incredibly useful for defining workflow.

Finally the fifth tool, Bonjoro, is a platform that allows me to send video messages. This is an effective way of relaying information to people without text-heavy emails, ideal for keeping in touch with with major gift prospects between meetings.

I close the episode by briefly covering tools that help with the creation of this podcast including Zencastr, Descript and Buzzsprout.

Episode highlights

  • Introducing the need for efficiency tools (01:57)

  • Efficiency tool 1: Calendly (03:35)

  • Efficiency tool 2: Canva (05:40)

  • Efficiency tool 3: SmarterQueue (06:46)

  • Efficiency tool 4: Trello (08:37)

  • Efficiency tool 5: Bonjoro (10:05)

References and resources

Tool 1: Calendly:

Tool 2: Canva:

Tool 3: SmarterQueue:

Tool 4: Trello:

Tool 5: Bonjoro:

Bonus podcast tools:


With thanks to Simon Brett and Matt Barber for their invaluable in help bringing Series 2 of The Independent School Podcast to you.

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