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018: Spark! Innovation with Lucy Gower, Founder, Lucidity

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In this episode, the first of season 2, I talk to Lucy Gower, the director and founder at Lucidity and founder of The Lucidity Network. Through her work as a coach, trainer and facilitator Lucy has given thousands of professionals worldwide the confidence and tools to think creatively, develop ideas and make their innovations happen.

We discuss how independent schools can be innovative about their approach to the delivery of their education, their alumni relations and their fundraising. Firstly, we explore how to describe innovation in an organisation that isn't familiar with the term, and discuss the difference between incremental and radical innovation.

We then talk about how innovation fits in to your school strategy and activities the school leader might employ to encourage themselves and their team to innovate more. We discuss how schools can overcome a perfectionist culture and become more comfortable with failure and risk and how schools can innovate on a tight budget. Finally Lucy gives us her tips for creating a culture of innovation in your organisation by focusing on leaders as role models, connecting people and getting everyone involved.

Spark! episodes of The Independent School Podcast are designed spark fresh insights and innovation, by introducing you to ideas from other sectors.

Episode highlights

  • Introducing Lucy Gower (01:33)

  • Describing innovation in schools (04:30)

  • Getting the ball rolling with innovation (11:33)

  • Overcoming a perfectionist culture (19:17)

  • Working on a budget (26:07)

  • Creating a culture of innovation (30:58)

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