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170: Strategy in an International School with Paul Morgan, Head, St. Julian’s School, Lisbon

It’s one thing knowing about strategy frameworks and approaches - but knowing how to use these effectively to develop and implement a strategy in a school is a completely different skill.

So this week on The Independent School Podcast I’m delighted to be joined by Paul Morgan, from St. Julian’s School in Lisbon, Portugal, a highly experienced head, who talks us through how he’s approached strategy in his two headships.

Questions Paul and I address in the episode include:

  • How can a new head lead a strategic development process when they are still fresh in post? How can they balance continuity and change?

  • How can a head structure the leadership team in a way that enables effective delegation of strategic priorities?

  • How can you identify which new initiatives might distract from the core purpose of the school, and which will help deliver a key strategic objective?

  • How can a busy school leader find time for high quality strategic thinking?

Throughout the episode we stay rooted in the real world, as Paul shares examples from his current headship at St Julian’s School in Lisbon, Portugal, and his previous role as Principal of The British School of Amsterdam.

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