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161: Unlocking your Next Career Step

In this episode, my focus is on you! I’m keen to show you that unlocking your next career step is a process that requires dedication, self-reflection and strategic planning. A few areas I touch on are networking, career plans and the importance of flexibility.

Remember, your career journey is unique to you. It's okay to have a general direction instead of a rigid plan. Take a listen to this episode and allow yourself to explore, grow and adapt. With these insights and your determination, you'll unlock the next stage of your career and achieve your goals.

"In order to unlock your next career step, it's important to ask yourself what you truly want out of your life and work. Don't just follow expectations, but road test your dreams and explore different possibilities. Visualise your ideal role and consider the skills and experience that recruiters would be looking for. Craft a results-based roadmap that aligns with your career goals and set yourself up for success." - Juliet Corbett

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