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160: Focusing on the Problem

In this episode, I talk about the shift from being solely goal-oriented to embracing problem-based strategy, inspired by the insights shared by strategy guru Richard Rumelt.

Rather than solely focusing on goals and visions, it is essential to diagnose and address the sticking points or challenges that are holding you back. By identifying the key problems, you can develop effective solutions that align with your overall vision.

Don't fall into the trap of relying solely on positive thinking or vague aspirations. Instead, emphasise action and focus on actionable steps to solve the identified problems. By shifting the conversation from goals to problem-solving, you empower your team to take meaningful action towards achieving your shared vision.

Remember, true strategy lies not just in setting goals, but in addressing the problems that hinder your progress.

Key Lessons from the Episode:

1. Strategy doesn't have to be complicated and full of jargon.

2. Vision and goals are important, but we shouldn't focus on them too much.

3. Precision and detailed visioning may not always be necessary.

4. Focusing solely on goals and aspirations without taking action is not enough.

5. Positive thinking alone won't guarantee goal achievement.

6. Action and problem-solving are crucial for strategy execution.

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