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157: Reframing Strategy as a Coherent Collection of Decisions

In this episode, I delve into the concept of strategy as a coherent collection of decisions. I explore the definition of strategy and its relevance in the context of schools.

While many view strategy as being solely focused on occasional big decisions made by leadership, I discuss how everyday decisions made by all members of the school community are equally strategic and contribute to the realisation of the school's vision.

There’s also emphasis on the importance of the coherence of these decisions and how they align with the overall strategy.

Key Lessons from the Episode:

  • Strategy is not just about occasional big decisions; everyday decisions made by staff contribute to the realisation of the school's vision.

  • Maintaining a focus on the long-term direction of the school is crucial for strategy implementation.

  • A strategic plan is valuable as a communication tool, but it's the actual decisions and actions on the ground that truly matter.

  • Coherence ensures that all decisions align with the overall strategy and work towards the same goals.

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