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155: Are you Delegating Enough?

In this episode I dive into the important topic of delegation in schools. As a coach for educational leaders, I’ve witnessed the power of effective delegation in empowering teams and delivering strategic goals. Delegation not only distributes the workload, but also allows leaders to focus on tasks that align with their strengths and to maximise their positive impact.

However, many school leaders struggle to delegate effectively. In this episode, I set out how to determine if you are delegating enough and discuss the mindset barriers that often hinder delegation.

Join me as I uncover strategies to overcome these challenges and unlock the full potential of strategic leadership.

Key Lessons from the Episode:

  • Delegation allows leaders to empower their team members and involve everyone in the strategic process.

  • Before diving into delegation tactics, it's important to overcome mindset barriers that hinder delegation.

  • Leaders can check whether they are delegating to the right level by considering feedback from others.

  • Honest conversations with colleagues and trusted individuals can provide valuable insights on your own delegation style.

“Overcoming the mindset of 'it's easier to do it myself' is crucial in order to empower those around you to deliver more." Juliet Corbett

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