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145: Creating Impact in Lebanon through School Partnerships

Here on The Independent School Podcast we're passionate about the positive impact of education. In this episode I speak with Clementine Brown and Eliana Sleiman from CodeBrave about partnerships between schools in the UK and Lebanon.

Over the last three years, the percentage of the Lebanese population living under the poverty line has risen from 28% to 82%, and they are now experiencing 50% youth unemployment. CodeBrave is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to power Lebanon’s next generation with tech skills, helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to lift themselves out of poverty.

CodeBrave does this through providing classes and boot camps in coding, robotics, AI and web development, both in-person and online. They are leading thinking on integrating STEM education with trauma psychology and their approach to the teaching of essential soft skills alongside digital coding skills is inspiring.

Take a listen and hear how CodeBrave’s partnerships with UK independent schools are successfully combining Global Citizenship Education and making a positive impact.

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