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137: What is your Fundraising Data not telling you?

This episode demystifies the topic of fundraising data. Collecting, analysing and making decisions based on data is a critical component of strategic thinking. I delve into how important it is to really understand what your data is not telling you, as well as what it is.

Let me help you see what data you need to be collecting and the mindset you need in order to analyse it with strategic verve.

In this episode you’ll hear of the necessary tracking of input and output data in relation to your donations. Looking to measure the effectiveness of each fundraising activity will be of great help once you have an accurate picture of a number of components.

I’ll explain in depth the following:

The input going into each activity:

  • budget

  • staff time

  • volunteer/prospect/donor goodwill

The output from each activity:

  • knowledge objective: awareness of fundraising project

  • belief objective: buy-in for transformation the project will deliver

  • behaviour objective: donations

Listen in for the breakdown and further advice on the reflection stage in the process.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the data element of all this! It’s a mindset too.

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