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107: Strategy as learning (Rethinking strategy - part 3)

In this third episode of my 'Rethinking strategy' mini-series, I encourage you to think of strategy as a learning, rather than a purely planning, process.

I have talked in previous episodes of the continuum between planned and emergent strategy, the benefits of allowing ideas to emerge from all layers of an organisation and the impact of retaining a stable core, whilst encouraging a disruptive edge.

Listen here as I speak about how strategy can be a learning lens through which schools can identify problems, create hypotheses, pilot projects, reflect and ultimately reach a full cycle of successful strategic development.

This podcast episode will help you see how effective it can be to implement a cyclical process of strategic thinking into your organisation.

References and resources

Download my “Rethinking strategy in independent schools” research report:

Work with Juliet Corbett

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