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106: Disruptive edge, stable core (Rethinking strategy - part 2)

In this episode of my Rethinking strategy mini-series, I introduce an intriguing concept for independent schools to consider: a disruptive edge, yet stable core.

The Harvard Business Review published some fascinating research in 2018 exploring how seven winning and well-respected organisations such as NASA, New Zealand All Blacks, the Royal College of Music and Eton College have thrived for more than 100 years and counting.

Based on this research, I present ways in which your stable core plus a disruptive edge could elevate your strategy to an enduring status. I also build on discussion from my previous episode about how significant it is to allow strategy to emerge spontaneously within and across various sections of a school environment.

Here, you can listen to three tried and tested ways in which these seven participants from the research have strengthened their stable core, invited potentially disruptive innovation into their strategies and consequently achieved success in their educational endeavours for over 100 years.

I hope to support you with your strategic trial and error, your striving for innovation at the disruptive edge, your nurturing of a culture of change for the benefit of all your school community.

References and resources

Hill, A., Mellon, L. & Goddard, J., 2018. How winning organizations last 100 years. Harvard Business Review, Available at: How Winning Organizations Last 100 Years

Download my "Rethinking strategy in independent schools" research report: Work with Juliet Corbett

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