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073: Economic warfare (Ukraine crisis mini-series 1)

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

We're all watching Putin's invasion of Ukraine with horror and compassion for those directly impacted.

In my role as a school strategist, I support leaders to both secure their school’s future and help build a more equal and just world. Because of these values, I will be sharing a mini-series of special podcast episodes to help you navigate the wider impact this crisis will have on your school and provide relevant resources to support you as you lead your school community to help those affected.

In this episode, drawing on my experience and economics degree, I quickly run through the main economic issues we are facing as we experience the largest-ever use of sanctions and enter into unknown economic territory.

References and resources

Download this free resource to help you navigate the impact of the Ukraine crisis: Preparing for economic downturn: A checklist for private schools

Radio 4 and BBC Sounds:

The Economist:


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