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064: Creating an impactful case for support

In this episode I discuss how you can create a case for support, which is the narrative surrounding your fundraising project. It tells people what you are hoping to achieve with your fundraising and why they should care. Your case for support is an internal working document where you put all of the relevant information about your fundraising project - anything from testimonials, to raw facts and figures and any targets/ timescales you want to achieve. I share three ways to create an impactful case for support for any fundraising project:

1. Why is this project strategically important for your school? Brainstorm all connections to your strategic plan

2. What do people care about? Think of the stakeholders: What's important to them? What questions will they ask?

3. Balance rational data and the emotional narrative Your case for support should detail the importance of your fundraising goals for your school's strategy and to the stakeholders involved. Storytelling can be really effective in getting this message across, particularly if it has an emotional pull to grab attention.

Take a listen for inspiration!

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