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063: Mastering Key Performance Indicators

In this episode, I discuss KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are used to measure the success of various activities which are undertaken across schools. But they're also often detached from the strategy or measuring things for the sake of it, rather than being aligned with strategy.

Firstly, I explore why KPIs matter and why they can be beneficial for schools. KPIs influence behaviour and allow you to measure progress on projects. They are a great way to guide where focus should be placed and see how effective the strategy as it's being implemented.

It is important that your KPIs are aligned with your strategy, otherwise, they will not be indicating success in the right way. I share the three areas you need to think about when constructing KPIs.

1. They need to measure outcomes that you actually care about

2. They should measure outcomes across the stakeholder groups that you work with

3. They need to cover all parts of the strategy from the big goals to the smaller ground-level aspects

When you are thinking about KPIs, you are looking for simplicity, focus on the things that are actually really important this year for your school and to make sure that what gets measured, gets done.

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