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061: Sharing gratitude

In this episode, I reflect on 2021 and share my gratitude for those who listen to this podcast, my fantastic guests and the many wonderful clients that I have had the pleasure of working with. I also discuss the role that gratitude has in both leadership and fundraising - it is a critically important element of both. Within leadership, a good leader will be authentic and involved with the community they are leading. Part of this is showing gratitude to those who have played a role in your success. This can be beneficial as it fosters teamwork and co-operation but above all, it shows you care. Within fundraising, it is always good practice to thank those who have donated. Thanking them authentically and publically makes your donors feel seen and as a valued part of your community. It all comes down to being mindful about the way we interact with those around us and taking the time to appreciate the people and things you are grateful for.

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