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060: Social Mobility with David Goodhew, Head, Latymer Upper School

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

In this episode I am joined by David Goodhew, Head of Latymer Upper School, to talk about what they have been doing to advance social mobility.

David is committed to advancing social mobility and has been doing so through his school's impressive bursary programme.

David talks about the Inspiring Minds campaign, launched in 2017, which aims to raise £40 million by 2024. The campaign will offer means-tested bursaries to 1 in 4 pupils, and they are almost at their target with three years still to go. Their mission is to open up access to the school as much as possible, to pupils from all socio-economic backgrounds.

We then talk about education, not just in the sense of formal learning but the social side of it. A school enables young people to interact with their peers and learn life lessons in the company of others. David and I discuss how hugely beneficial it is to do this within a diverse group of peers.

Latymer Upper School is a great example of a school that has developed its bursary programme as part of a real partnership with the local community. They not only offer bursary places at the school but are also proactively partnering with other schools and community groups to offer catch-up tutoring and activity days for local children.

A real sense of partnership and authenticity emerge from my conversation with David Goodhew, along with inspiration for any school just starting out on their bursary and partnerships journey.

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