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053: Being strategic in your career

In this episode, I focus on how you can be more strategic in your career and share the programme I use to help people with this. So many individuals are focused on implementing strategy in their workplace, that they neglect to be strategic in their career. Firstly, I discuss the difficulty of balancing career goals alongside day-to-day work, and how you can use the same process for developing strategy at schools as you can in your career. I then share my Four Building Blocks of Strategy framework that you can use to be more strategic in your career. These include:

  1. Clarify your career vision- understanding what you want from your career and what makes you happy

  2. Accelerators and sticking points- determining what could propel you forward and what is holding you back

  3. General approach- figuring out a general way you can overcome your sticking points

  4. Action plan- form an action plan, focusing on one area to work on

This approach forms the roadmap I guide people through in the Lucidity Accelerator Programme I facilitate. It's all about focusing on where you are investing your time, money and energy so that you can be more strategic about your career. References and Resources Episode 013: Strategy: Four essential building blocks (Strategy Toolkit 2) Find out more about the Lucidity Accelerator Programme

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