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052: Mastering the SWOT analysis

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

In this episode I discuss the SWOT analysis, which I believe is one of the most valuable tools in your strategy toolbox. Done well, a SWOT analysis is a great way to structure your strategic thinking and inform decision-making. Firstly, I explain what a SWOT analysis is and how to complete one. Your strengths and weaknesses are internal to your school and should cover things that happen inside your school community. The opportunities and threats emerge from trends beyond the school gates that you can't directly influence. I then share my top five tips for mastering the SWOT analysis:

  1. Get specific

  2. Prioritise

  3. Test assumptions

  4. Think about interactions

  5. Consider what you can control

A SWOT analysis is useful for any project or challenge that you want to structure your thinking around. Episode highlights

  • What is a SWOT analysis (02:26)

  • SWOT checklist (07:25)

  • My five top tips (08:37)

References and Resources Episode 048: Scanning your environment Catch up on previous episodes at Download your copy of the free eBook ‘The Strategic Independent School Leader’ at


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