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051: Strategy and social justice with Jaideep Barot, Headmaster, Bristol Grammar School

In this episode I am joined by Jaideep Barot, Headmaster at Bristol Grammar School. We discuss a whole spectrum of ideas, from strategy development processes to the importance of focus and having succinct aims. We also talk about leadership and how the role of leadership has shifted recently.

We discuss how Jaideep sought to include staff, pupils and parents when refreshing Bristol Grammar School's strategy. Jaideep describes the importance of taking the time to consult everyone involved with the school, from governors and alumni to catering staff and parents in order to form a well-rounded strategy.

We then talk about the importance of bursaries and the part that they play in social mobility. We also discuss the role that independent schools can play in fighting for social justice, through their bursary and accessibility programmes.

We finish with Jaideep reflecting on his leadership style and how it has changed due to Covid. He talks about adapting his leadership style to a quicker and more pragmatic, problem-solving approach and how this has impacted the school community.

Jaideep offers valuable insight into how he has developed a strategy for his school, centred on the views of those within the school community, something worth considering when developing your own strategy.

Episode highlights

  • Developing a strategy (13:10)

  • Plans for bursaries (22:28)

  • Leadership style (33:25)

References and resources

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