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049: Mission and storytelling with Stefan Horsman, Head, Albyn School

In this episode, I talk with Stefan Horsman, Head of Albyn School, about the power of education and how to uncover your school's mission. Through our conversation, we unpack Stefan's background in education, how education can drive change in society and the importance of a strong mission and values in your school's strategy. Firstly, we discuss Stefan's background and his route to becoming Head of Albyn School. This includes his university education, teaching in Malawi and his previous senior leadership positions. We also talk about the power of education and how it can spark big change in society. Stefan shares his views and insights from his vast experience. We then explore values and mission and how it is essential to consider the history and current ethos of your school. We discuss the importance of having a mission that is aligned with social justice and trends in society if you are looking to fundraise or make changes to your bursary programme.

Stefan's views on creating a narrative around your mission statement by using storytelling techniques are fascinating and definitely worth considering in your own approach.

Episode highlights

  • Power of education (06:07)

  • Bursary programmes (32:27)

  • Storytelling (35:43)

  • Independent school myths (44:25)

References and resources

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